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Gifting DNA and Genealogy

In case you haven't been to a grocery store lately, the Holiday Shopping Season has arrived! Most DNA tests are bought to give away as gifts, and these are on sale this time of year too.

If you would like to give someone a DNA test for the holidays keep in mind it will take up to two weeks to get an Ancestry test delivered (unless you pay extra for expedited delivery), and then up to 5 weeks to get your test results.

Ancestry family tree produce

If you already have a tree built, a great gift for members of your family would be a book about your family. You can buy a bound book based on the info you have input from the major sites (the one shown here is from Ancestry), hire a genealogy service (like this one!), or prepare your own if you have even a modicum of computer publishing skills.

Last year I prepared the materials for clients to print out and put in their own three ring binders after researching their trees for them. After taking families as far back as we could, I found online images of marriage licenses, birth certificates, citizenship applications, etc., for their ancestors.

siblings copyright 2022 Celtic Texans LLC

I did research on the places they came from on Google maps or on historical research sites and found pictures of what their family's homes may have looked like then, the major historical sites nearby, and provided maps of the immediate area or the geographical location of their homeland through history.

The families then printed these items out on their own selected stationery, and inserted family photos inside plastic sleeve protectors into a three ring binder. I love the binder idea because it is expandable!

There are also companies that can print out fantastic charts for you to hang proudly on the wall or give to a family member. A colleague of mine has an amazing product you should look at, but if you hire her to do your genealogy research instead of me, my feelings will be terribly hurt! Check out Sharon Hall's Digging History at:

If I can answer any questions for you about gifting a DNA test, or a really unique gift they won't be sending back to the store, drop me a line at

Always a free quote to look at your tree! I do love hearing your stories about your amazing discoveries. Let's solve puzzles together!

Wishing a Happy Veterans' Day to all who served to keep our country free!

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