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Dual Citizenship Part 2

Dia dhuit! An bhfuil tú Éireannach? Hello! Are you Irish?

As you may or may not recall, my friend and I explored her eligibility to have dual American and Irish citizenships last week. We found on Ancestry that she did qualify as the grandchild of an Irish citizen, and she began the process. The US Census bureau stated in 2021 that there are more than 31.5 million residents who claim Irish ancestry. That's almost 10% of the US population! (1)

Amazingly enough, the Irish Government would actually like you to have some original documentation proving your ancestor's native birth, and are not willing to just go with the lovely family tree that you have made on the internet!

 certificate with seal

You will need to provide for yourself:

  • Original civil birth certificate (showing parent’s details)

  • Marriage certificate or change of name document including divorce documentation (if applicable)

  • Certified photocopy of current state-issued identification (passport, drivers license, national identity card)

  • Two proofs of address (not photocopies). If you are applying on behalf of a child, you must also include a letter from the child’s school or doctor

  • Four photographs

  • If you are applying on behalf of a child, but you are not the parent of the child, you must include proof of guardianship

PLUS(!) the following for the Irish citizen you are claiming to be the grandchild of:

  • Original civil birth certificate

  • Original marriage certificate or change of name document (if applicable)

  • Certified photocopy of current state-issued identification (passport, drivers license, national identity card) or certified copy of death certificate if they are deceased

You can ask for these documents yourself, online or via post. Please be sure to get original documents, emailed documents will NOT work. Full information, links to forms, and info about the fees can be found at:

When you have completed this paper chase, which may indeed require the services of an attorney or genealogist or other representative in Ireland to acquire, you will complete the online form at the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs at:


The current fee to apply for dual citizenship is about $275.00 (converted from Euros). Your documentation helper's fees will vary, of course. Shop around and find someone who is willing to take the time to make you feel comfortable before giving them your money.

Before giving anybody any money, be sure to find out EXACTLY what they will provide for you. One attorney wanted to charge my friend $300 to tell her what she already knew - where to find the documents.

Please do be sure to begin with the official Irish government site before spending any money at all:

My intrepid friend is going to keep me posted on her progress or lack thereof, and I will gladly share this with you. Have any of you applied for dual citizenship with another country? What has been your experience? What pitfalls did you find? PLEASE SHARE!

Go raibh maith agat! Thank you! I look forward to the week ahead and wish you nothing but goodness, as the Irish say. Don't forget, always a free peek at your tree and quotes!

Leslie Ryan

Still not receiving any compensation for any references or links, and no copyright infringement is intended.


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