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Detective Work Is Fun!

Every good detective story seeks to answer these basic questions:







Your #Family History is no different! We are interested in learning #who our #ancestors were and #where they came from. #When did they get here? #How did they get here? Can we find out #why they came? And #what did they do before and after they got here?

The US Census records are the easiest place to find some of the answers to these questions. But, if you have a common last name like Smith or Johnson, it's important to narrow down which Smith or Johnson you are looking for!

Family genealogy conference call

Interview your relatives about their families. You can write or email them some questions, or you can record your #conversation and create a #family #heirloom video or audio at the same time! Let's put those recently learned video conference call skills to use to do something fun!

Critical info you will want to know is your ancestors' #birth dates or years, and where they lived. Did they have any brothers or sisters? What did they do for a living?

Were your parents or grandparents in the #military? Did they go to college?

Were they religious? #Religious institutions are a great source of family #history information.

What were your family's interests or #hobbies? Sports? Gardening? Dancing? What might you have in common with them? Maybe a creative talent spans generations.

#Family #History and #Genealogy can be a fun and rewarding experience for you and your whole family. Ask the basic questions (Who What When Where Why & How) but it's also fun to ask about any funny family stories they might remember, like when Uncle Joe tried to teach all the kids how to hula hoop at the family barbeque!

I hope you enjoy gathering the #basic building blocks of your #family #tree. If you get stuck or have a quick question, feel free to email me at

Thanks for stopping by!



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