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Initial Consultation


Our initial consultation is always free.  Let us know who or what questions you would like answered. Are you interested in joining a historical society? Or just curious about where you come from? 


We will review your family data, and/or online tree to see what you have already gathered, and then determine whether or not we can help you with your project.


Tree Cleanup


It is so easy to add duplicate siblings, children and spouses with one errant click of the "Save to Tree" button! Do you have conflicting birth dates? Are there mismatched parental relationships? After the Free Initial Consultation we will gladly help you rake up those leaves!




$25 per hour

Family & DNA Research

We will research your family tree for you. After the Free Initial Consultation and any specific target or generation we will spend a minimum of 4 hours researching using traditional genealogy methods and DNA testing if you like.​

We will prepare your family's tree online or offline, including copies of relevant documents, and a report showing where the information was found.


We can help you with an existing DNA test or help you get a new one.



$40 per hour


Presentations and Content

We can prepare custom written reports about your family, incorporating your family pictures. We will research historic references and timelines, and cultural information about your ancestors' origins and include any relevant images found to make a special keepsake.

If desktop publishing is not your thing, we can get books printed such as found on Ancestry, or we can prepare a bound document to send to you by mail, or we can send the document electronically to you for your own printing on your own special paper. 

If you would like content for your website or blog we can help with that too!


$60 per hour

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Thank you for joining us!

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